Map Creator Competition for participants of iGeo 2017
Map Creator is a web based tool, where anyone with an access to a computer is able to create a user account. On Map Creators official website you can find Help and Video Tutorials, which exist on a few different languages.
All iGeo participants will have their own user accounts which will be tracked by the changes made. Password and account name will be delivered to their personal e-mail address. The purpose of this competition is to teach students to use Map Creator and to explore their environment in infrastructural way.
Each change has its points, and the winner will be the one participants that collects the most, ergo, makes the most changes.
The type of change should only be regarding following requirements: POI (Points of Interests), PA and all other attributes like speed limit, type of road, bridge, tunnel…
Accounts will be active from first of June to fifteenth of July, after all accounts have been registered and opened.
Within the stay of participants, workshop will be held regarding GIS tool in Map Creator.
“Here” company will give awards (tablets, mobile phones…) to three best individuals.


Nikola Srzentić
Organizing Committee of the 2017 International Geography Olympiad
Regional Center for Talented Youth Belgrade
Ustanička 64, 11000, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Phone: +381 11 243 13 13